GulfStream Park Race 9

Race Furlongs Date
9 7 3/2/2018
PP Horse Grade
3 Belle Tapisserie 100.68
2 National Flag 98.82
4 Ellas My Love 98.64
5 Aequor 97.69
1 Silent Tiger 97.68
6 Handsome Franco 97.21
7 Admiral Jimmy 96.96
GulfStream Park

Look at this race. With my Horse Grade Calculator, it predicted almost a perfect order of horses. The order from first to last was 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 6, 7. If you watch the race the 3 ( Belle Tapisserie ) was in the lead and was beat by ( National Flag ) right after the last turn. I hit the exactor in race it wasn’t a big win but I was impressed that my App almost picked the exact order finish.



Del Mar Races 5 and 6

Race 5

Race 6

Hit big with my App. My Horse Grade Calculator graded number 4 (Stormy Liberal)  as the best horse in Saturdays Breeder Cup Race five.  Stormy went off as 35 – 1. Not only did I pick the exacter and tri I also hit the DD for races 5 and 6.  Race 6 my favorite horse was Bar of Gold and it went off 60 -1.  I do not handicap any more my App does all the work.  I truly trust my App and I didn’t find one handicapper picking these two horses on Saturday.