My Android Password Generator



Here’s my Android password generator. I haven’t released to Android market yet but the beta is on my Ftp server. Feel free to leave comments. I would appreciate feedback. Please install apk file as a unknown source and it should work fine. One note the capital (i) and small (L) looks the same so I would suggest putting  them both in Exclude. I notice a lot of font look that way that’s why I have a Include/Exclude field. The Exclude when used will exclude anything that is selected in Choose. Example if you put Capital A in field and have UpperCase selected in Choose. The Capital A in the will never be outputted in the generated password.  The Include is opposite of Exclude it adds at the end  of generated password. So if you want to add the dollar symbol ($) , it will add at end of generated password the $ , where you can use Shuffle to shuffle the password. Shuffle is as called it keeps all character generated the same but shuffles them.  Let’s say your joining a new website and your creating a new password. The rules state it must be 8 characters in length , must include at least one Capital, one number and a special character. This is how I would generate the fastest password. First set length to 8, then put ll Exclude( that is capital ( i )  and small ( L )) and I would put an $A8 in Include.  Here’s a screenshot


It puts $A8 at end of generated password and I shuffle to produce what on screen. I am working on changing font to try to avoid that visual problem with ( i ) and ( l ) . Meanwhile enjoy App!

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