Updated Password Generator

I revamped my Password Generator it was too plain. It is still the same old simple password generator. Watch demo below to see basic operation. In demo I insert the copyright symbol which is Alt 0169 and the bullet symbol which is Alt 0149. One note when picking from Char. Map look for a ALT alternative. Press the <ALT> key followed by the numerical value given in chart(ex. <Alt> 0169 will produce ©).

Watch Demo

Belmont Stakes was good to me

My horse grading app is coming out really good. I have modified it since last year. Here is what it looks like now.


As you can see I added a few more fields. Using only 40 dollars I hit the win and exactor and made over a thousand dollars. This app picked the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont winners. I knew to key in Chrome for the first two races and told everyone Chrome was going to get beat in Belmont and #11-Tonalist was my horse. Here is me enjoying my winnings. I actually would of hit tri and super too but I was tight on money. If I invested another $40 dollars and played tri and supper I would have made $7700.00 on top of my winnings.

Belmont_Stakes_2014My goal is to have this app on my site for purchase next year for the Kentucky Derby. The app will sell for 1 to 2 dollars. Here are a few things I am going to try to add to app. Better instructions and a graph so you have a visualization of who is  going to win.

Sorry, I can’t keep ftp downloads free

Up to this point all my programs were free using anonymous ftp. This is changing. I am going to imperilment a micro charge for any of my apps. All my apps will be under $10 and I am trying to set a goal of 1 to 2 bucks. I been operating this blog for a few years with no major comments concerning my apps.  Shutting down my ftp will come with regret but I feel people just use or get programs without leaving a comment or any questions about any of my apps. I will leave ftp open until I can develop my store page for my apps.


Thanks — Jim