Make a Password Protected File

Making a password protected file is easy using WinZip. Let’s start by making a text file on your desktop. Right Click on desktop move mouse to New and click on Text Document.



Rename file to Pass.txt. Now Right Click on the file just created and move mouse to  Send and select Compressed (zipped) folder.



Double Click on the zipped folder called on your desktop that was just created. Once WinZip opens you should see the Pass.txt file. Click on file then press Encrypt.



You will get a warning just click OK.



This is important make sure you check 256-Bit AES under encryption method then enter a strong password at least 15 characters in length. Get a  password generator app for your cell. Don’t worry you be putting in this file.



After you enter a password, open file and enter all your password then save. You should see something like this click Yes.



Now you should get a verify.



Then a Auto Complete.



Now Close File. You can go ahead and delete the Pass.txt on Desktop and keep The next time you want to add to file  just double click on When WinZip opens double click on Pass.txt and you should see the dialog.



You now have a password protected file now so change all the easy passwords that you have and keep track all your passwords in one file. Don’t forget to keep a printed copy in a safe place.