Setting up PATH to Cygwin for CMDCenter

Setting up PATH to Cygwin for CMDCenter is important. Depending where you installed Cygwin, I recommend D:\ drive (see my post Setting up Cygwin).  First let’s type ls in Command press Run. You should get a directory list, if not then you might get this.



This means your PATH to Cygwin is not set. Click on Start . Right Click on Computer then click on Properties. You should see this:



Click on Advanced system setting :



Click on Environment Variables :




Under for User variables click on PATH then Edit :



Goto end of Variable value put a semi colon to separate PATH’s and type D:\cygwin\bin . Now retest earlier ls command.

Setting up Perl and CG I for Wamp Server

I found setting up Perl and CG I for Wamp Server  easy following these instructions. Click Here

If everything worked you can test a Perl script like this, call it

$count = 1;

print "Content-type:text/html\n\n";
print "<html>\n";
print "<head><title>List File in Color</title></head>\n";
print "<body>\n";

open(INFO, "list.txt");
close (INFO);
foreach $line (@array){
if ($count%2==1) {

print '<div style="background:#eaadea;line-height:1px solid #004400;">';
print "$line<br></div>\n";
else {
print '<div style="background:#cdffff;line-height:1px solid #880000;">';
print "$line<br></div>\n";
print "</body>\n";
print "</html>\n";

Copy the text below to file called  list.txt and put in same directory as your file.


If you would like to see example press click here. Click Here

Windows 7 Logon Screen Background Changer



Logon Screen Background Changer Windows 7

This simple utility will select a new wallpaper for your logon screen background image for Windows 7 only.  The image must be less than 245k and in JPG format. So if you have your favorite Warcraft  jpeg image set it as your Logon Screen. This utility will adjust image size automatically and you can always go back to Windows default image at any time. I am releasing this beta version hoping for some feedback.

Changed Web Address

I changed Web Address from to Some links will be broke until I can fix all affected. Please leave a comment if you find any I don’t catch.

Image Finder


Spend hours looking at images on your computer. This utility finds all images like jpg.png,tif,gif.bmp and ico extensions on your C:\ Drive.  Just pick what image format you would like to view and press Find All Images. You get a small images displayed and it will give file size when you click on a selected link. One note if you need to copy a selected link just double click on link and you will get Copy to Clipboard. Now you can paste in Browser to view image full size or paste in a document. This is just beta stage I will add a choose for picking different Drives just waiting for some feedback.

Revised Snapshot


You no longer need Cygwin. I modified Snapshot to run without Cygwin. First run a program which cleans your temp files and trash something like CCleaner. Then take a snapshot before you install any new programs. Then take another snapshot after you install a new program. This will show the difference.

Snapshot 1.30


Snapshot is a utility which will compare your computer before you install a program then show difference after you install new program. You need Cygwin install with the minimum default option. Step 1 is select drive Cygwin is installed on. Step 2 click on snapshot one button(for best results use CCleaner to clear temp files and trash before running snapshot). Use Snapshot before you install a new program. Step 3 install new program after snapshot one  is complete. Step 4 click on snapshot two button. Step 5 after snapshot two complete click on difference button. This should show the difference between the two snapshots. Remember /cygdrive/c equals C:\ in Cygwin.

Quick Fix

I am getting some feedback on CMDCenter that it’s not running as admin. Please set your PATH in user profile under Windows Environment Variables to your Cygwin bin directory like d:/cygwin/bin. Also make sure you have newest version it should be gray.