Porting CMDCenter to Qt

I am trying to port CMDCenter to Qt. In my trial using Qt Web Browser example I was able to incorporate my running commands on fly in Web Browser but there are new issues before I can release in beta stage. I have to learn Qt and work out bugs but it looks promising.

Here is a glimpse :


Setting up Cygwin

There are several reason why I am  making this post because I have several programs that need Cygwin in order to run.You only need minimum install for my programs. What is Cygwin can be answered at Cygwin Website. Basically Cygwin  gives you some basic Linux commands at your fingertip and will make your Windows machine more productive.  I will include instructions for setting up Cygwin on D: drive from scratch using Windows 7 and make a partition for Cygwin assuming there is just a C: Drive.The first two steps can be found online by googleing or clicking on the Click Here link.

Step 1.) Defrag your hard drive.Click Here

Step 2.)Make a system image of Windows 7Click Here

I recommend putting Windows 7 system image on a USB Hard Drive.  After you have both steps above done start making a partition by shrinking your C: drive. This is not for beginners I assume you know Windows 7 well.Goto Control Panel->System and Security then under Administrator Tool click on “Create and format hard disk partitions”:


You should see something like this :


Now right click on your C: drive and click on Shrink Volume…

This will take a little while depending on the size of your drive.

This is where my numbers will be different then yours. You will get a dialog like this depending what size you want you need enough room for Cygwin. Change the shrink amount to 9000 this will equal 9 Gig it will give you plenty of room for Cygwin and any files you like to store there. One note this dialog shows 60632 make sure you enter 9000 only. If you don’t want 9 Gig then you need at least minimum of 900 which is in MB already enter 900 in dialog then hit Shrink.

If everything went OK you’ll get the following :

Now right click on Unallocated amount and click on New Simple Volume and you get this dialog.

Click Next

Click Next then assign a drive letter(default should be fine).

Format Drive:

Your Done


Now goto Cygwin Website and download the latest setup.exe and copy to the new drive you just set up. Cygwin setup is fairly easy but I’ll post images for each steps. I suggest installing openssh because I ssh into my box to get files. You can skip this step when when I get there. With Dropbox and SkyDive you can get files on all your devices so I think shelling into a box is becoming obsolete. Lets start installing Cygwin now.

Click on setup.exe :

Click Next

Install on new drive you setup for Cygwin I am using D:

Click Next

Leave on D:\

Click Next

Pick out where to download Cygwin (pick a ftp) click Next

First time message Hit OK

This is where you add package if you want openssh follow next screen.

Enter ssh in search under net Net make sure openssh is selected. I will have a post setting up ssh and WinSCP.

Click Next and your done it will ask to install shortcut on Desktop after its done installing packages.