Prediction for Preakness


Here’s my prediction for the Preakness and why. The forecast calls for an 80% chance of rain that means anybody could win. You can throw out any repeat of Nyquist because the track will be sloppy. Don’t bet heavy on this race because all the horses will be slower because of the mud. If it were a dry track I would bet  Nyquist winning this race but it looks like I’ll be betting on a straight pick of 5/3.  My bold prediction is Exaggerator over Nyquist because of the experience on a wet track.

Hello World!


Welcome to my Blog.  I am the funny looking guy holding a bundle of money. This website is dedicated to my App which is on Android and Windows Market. Horse Grade Calculator uses a horses winning time to calculate an estimated time and grade based on distance of race. Easily convert between 5 furlongs to 12 furlongs in 1/2 furlong increments. My grade is based on average horse times for common race distances. So a horse can exceed 100% if it perform better then an average horse. There is a table chart to help you convert to furlongs which is needed when filling out your data for calculator.


You only need four items on the horse racing form winning time, length loss by, race your analyzing and distance of race. My App is three years old since design. Here is a picture of my Windows App. The Windows App was just made about three months ago.


Now there maybe some confusing about the name of App on Windows it’s called Horse Race Calculator and on Android it’s called Horse Grade Calculator. For now it was names that were available The first year was making an App in a style like my older brother taught me about handicapping a horse race.  My brother Norman, Norm for short  said time was looked at as one of the major factors in handicapping. I have predicted in the last two years the winners and exactors  for all the triple crown races. Yes even the Belmont upset Tornalist beating Chrome. With my App I was with in one length of  American Pharoah actual time in Breeder’s Cup Classic. Horse Grade Calculator doesn’t just predict time but I grade it against an average horse by just entering there past performances. By grading there most recent races you get what closely resembles a speed rating. It does not factor in track condition but will show you his performance compared to an average horse. The grade is propositional, meaning a 103 is better then a 102 and you see a better estimated time. One of the best time ever recorded on my App was Secretariat Belmont Race back in 1973. Below is an actual data you would see on my App with those numbers plugged in. I am also showing a predicted time for a 1 1/4 mile race which is 10 furlongs. This picture is from my improvements which will not be ready for Kentucky Derby. Some unforeseen update made my work unusable in Windows.


You need time to analyze race using my App. I suggest getting the Kentucky Derby entries and past performance so you can grade all the horses in race a week ahead if possible. I usually get my PP from Daily Racing Form. Here is a look at my Android App.


Here’s another feature in my new design which may not be ready for Kentucky Derby a graph has been added. Well I may release the Android but not Windows version. Below is graph on new version. The picture show Secretariat Triple Crown Wins.


Watch this YouTube Video to get an idea how to use App